About Me

My name is Taylor Ramage and I'm just one drop in the pool of aspiring writers out there. I enjoy it quite a bit and hope to see my work published someday. I am heavily influenced by Japanese anime, fantasy/sci-fi stories in general, Christianity, music, life, and probably a million other things I'm not aware of. The sources I draw from depend on what I'm writing.

On this blog, you'll find reviews of anime, manga, light novels (which are basically books with a few illustrations), books, and music. You'll also find some poetry, ongoing stories, and a few other miscellaneous posts. The frequency of new posts varies, especially during school, but at the very least I have one new post a month.

If you like my stuff, great! Tell your friends, family, professors, co-workers, internet friends, random people on the street, or whoever about it. If you don't, tell 'em anyway. The nice thing about life is that we're not required to agree with each other.

The majority of my life is spent as a college student. I'm a Creative Writing major, swing dancer (not a very good one), singer, guitar player, and overall haver-of-college-student-fun. On a more serious note, I believe in understanding people in their full context and not allowing a fixed set of criteria define what people are.

Well, that's all I've got to say for now. Have fun,